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Hydromassage baths

Price range : Plus
Shape : Rectangle
Installation : Centre wall
Hydromassage : Airpool, Whirlpool, Magic
Size : 172 x 80 x 62 cm
High quality acrylic;
Seamless bathtub by one-piece molding technology;
Transparent glass window with built-in LED light;
#304 Stainless steel handrail;
Chrome-plated mixer LT-066, with hand hold shower;
Y shape self-cleaning water pipe;

Efficient water pump and air pump, with creepage protection;
4 pcs nozzles for surfing;
6 pcs magic jets;
7 colors LED water light

Touch screen control panel AY05-1
A. massage control
B. water massage
C. air buble massage
D. LED water light
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