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2016 new sanitary ware industry development direction to urban and rural areas have a future

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-14
In recent years, with three or four cities and the villages and towns people living standard rise, the rise of an upsurge of housing renovation, the rural remote the somebody else will be moved to the edge of road house, the house decorate some time, following the trend, to the house to decorate the new popular style, all of these show that the demand for sanitary ware products township suburbs usher in a new round of opportunity.

all things are difficult before they are easy to defend bath 'to the countryside' to a good start

the rural market needs the wei yu product price is not high, but don't sacrifice quality to suit at a low price, this need enterprise more efforts, from optimization design, improve technology, strengthen the management to compress costs, achieve high cost performance. Rural sanitary ware market situation make the enterprise in the marketing innovation exists the possibility of more. According to the product characteristics, the businessman of flexible marketing mode can adjust, can open own stores and franchisees, channel sales.

company also pay attention to brand publicity, image management, to shape the product image and brand image of high quality set the stage. In addition, the good prestige and the high quality service is very attract rural consumers. A enterprise boss revealed that the sanitary ware that specialize in rural market, oneself also often organization staff after the products are sold to farmers around in the home, there is a problem to repair, no problem to send a small gift, won a good reputation among the peasants. 'Farmers are very simple, as long as you really think they want, there must be a good return. 'The business owner said.

'to the countryside' wei yu will encounter obstacles

county and township market development space is large, but want to quickly open the rural market is not easy, widely scattered market, whether the enterprise can understand the characteristics of rural consumers, will largely determine the success or failure. And sales channel is a big problem. Many furniture enterprise product positioning is the primary market and secondary market oriented, and the difficulty lies in the fact that they have no contact with the rural market, rural market not familiar, do not understand the farmers' consumption habits. In respect of sales channels and professional furniture mall, excessive competition in big cities, small and medium-sized cities in just popular, but rare in the county seat, let alone in the villages and towns. This is the problem that enterprise must face.

the township market this road is still a long long way to go, sanitary ware enterprise should continue to work hard, positive response to explore more markets for enterprise development way.
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