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【 】 2018 prospects, wei yu joined wei yu brand dealers how to choose?

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-13
In a rapidly changing market environment, always full of opportunities and challenges. Quality, environmental protection raw materials rise in price, environmental protection tax, water effect logo execution, the future isn't just a matter of price, low price low quality will be banned! At the same time is also an opportunity: cut down so many companies across the country, the market is a large space! And demand is more and more big, the national policy, urban and rural integration, the new rural construction, dry toilet water instead.

China is one of the large bathroom products market in the world, the total market size of about 350 billion, there is great room for growth, heralding the sanitary ware industry will usher in rapid growth in China! In addition, the real estate market and the market as a pillar industry of China's economy, is growing at an annual rate of 8% to 10%, consumer population brought by the urbanization, will bring new consumer demand.

so dealers how to realize the market in 2018, timing, challenging opportunities, planning development blueprint!

1, the fittest

in 2018, yan in environmental protection in the world, an unprecedented supervision dynamics, raw material prices tidal surge, a batch of lack of strength and carry weight, can't afford to the test of the sanitary ware enterprise failure, many attached to their dealers or falling under the winter freezing bone, or choose to stop in time, start all over again.

in the contrast, those with high-end sanitary ware enterprises, brand advantage, strong Appollo CCTV cooperation brands that defend bath, absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technology, is committed to technology, insist on technology innovation and market actual demand in the first place, meet the requirements of the users and the use of clean environment.

2, has a unique competitive advantage

the industry demand is not the first-line brand, because of its large scale, high market saturation, development space is very small. To rapid development-oriented enterprises, not only the market space is larger, joining opportunities is more, often also has the edge on the brand characteristic.

Appollo sanitary ware and CCTV brand, independent innovation technology, high quality products, the coinsurance after-sales service, professional team product training, marketing elite talent advantages, six major advantages to making a famous brand of sanitary ware market, dealers profits.

3, product winning magic weapon of terminal

though, most consumers are now attaches great importance to the brand reputation, the pursuit of the so-called 'brand', but actually how to define 'brand'?

when choosing products compare the products need various perspectives, including product quality, function and price, etc. When the choice, need to be proactive, conform to the new trend of our times, consider more attention to the trend of today, through the abundance of the product structure design is designed, the product color is rich meet the requirements of fashion, more high quality raw material, make the quality more.

the sanitary ware that Appollo implement unique way of vortex siphon flush, high quality of water greatly improve the effect of the implement of blunt water, to meet consumer demand for toilet flushing effect.

Appollo the room that defend bath ark material variety, shape fashion. Cabinet put oneself in another's position of green environmental protection material, multilayer processing technology, high-quality hardware accessories, effectively guarantee the product quality and performance.

Appollo bathroom faucets use high quality ceramic valve core, comparable to high-end properties of cobalt stone, good sealing, high and low temperature resistance, wear resistance, zero leakage, long service life, let consumers use more worry, rest assured.

4, has perfect supporting policies

the enterprise seeks the development, the support to dealers can't light. Join to need to examine whether dealers have more comprehensive supporting policies.

Appollo sanitary ware is not only free to join, and headquarters to give you a free repair, free publicity, such as free training policy, and to send car policy. Product quality, bringing industry, environmental protection standard. Appollo sanitary ware brand, quality and service, the national investment promotion, hot invite to join in!

join hotline: 400 - 960 - 3626!
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