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3. 22 world water day high-end integrated bathroom Shared water-saving responsibility with you

by:Appollo bath     2020-09-01

the annual March 22 is & other; Throughout the world water day &; , this is a reminder that the day of the public attention to water resources. Now water shortage to rise to the global water crisis, the world water day tenet is: arouse public water saving consciousness, strengthen the protection of water resources, and take practical action to make a change. As a water related enterprises that defend bath, Appollo high-end integrated bathroom has been concerned about the problem of water shortages in recent years has carried out a series of saving water, saving water into to the product development and daily life, take concrete actions to advocate everyone to save water, scientific use of water. In an ordinary household water, bath water accounts for more than 60 & amp; 

 Above, sanitary ware whether section water is directly related to how much the whole household water consumption. Toilet as each family essential things that defend bath, the old toilet water up to 9 litres, modern water-saving toilet water of 6 litres, and more water-saving toilet water consumption is less than 6 liters, so select water-saving closestool is the focal point of family water saving. It should be stressed that, water-saving closestool cannot simply reflected in high and low water consumption figures, also should pay attention to the toilet flushing effect. Many consumers in the choose and buy closestool, the lower water consumption better error easily, and ignore the actual washing effect. 

 Many branded super water-saving toilet, in be used actually tend to have a wash not clean will need to repeatedly flush, so were increasing water consumption. Appollo we advocate that defend bath to save water, therefore, more water to science, through technical improvements, at the same time of saving water, also need to improve the quality of sanitary to use, and water saving is also meaningful. Why the toilet water saving effect is good there.  It goes with the toilet drainage way, structure design, whether the pipe size, pipe wall glazing and so on. In products building materials market of full of beautiful things, Appollo sanitary water-saving closestool is preferred, because from the above technical improvement, not only achieve the goal of saving water, improving toilet better using experience. 

 Such as siphon mute flushing, the scientific water seal design against the stench, splashing water, buffer type cover, high temperature self-cleaning glaze, bathroom is to improve the human civilization. “ Water & throughout; About is not only the user the amount of water, it is our common responsibility. Use water-saving sanitary ware, start from the life intravenous drip, each of us can do it. Appollo more high-end integral sanitary ware that realizes the aim of the world water day, assume the responsibility of water-saving, together with the masses of users to build an energy-efficient and environment-friendly society to make a contribution. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo's official website
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