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, a custom shower room procedures and matters needing attention

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-22
Now in a simple and convenient installation in the bathroom shower room has become a trend, but there are many users complain: home enough bathroom with a shower room, how to do? At that time, we can look for a well-known manufacturer to customize a high quality shower room of shower room, this way not only can enjoy the fun of shower, also can design according to individual be fond of you, is kill two birds with one stone! Then shower room is best when the choose and buy when? The answer is: not in the bathroom before decorate. Because we should be well designed suitable size and embedded corresponding hole in advance, and make the waterproof and drainage design. If is already installed good water supply system, and to stick floor tile, that should be targeted to choose shower room is the right choice. Custom shower room, want to consider the size of your bathroom and for other bathroom supplement, combined with other ways bathing necessity of distance, open the door to personal preferences, etc to integrated design, shower room fully prepared for a design. Shower room can choose standard size, can also according to the actual size of your bathroom non-standard custom. Shower room when the choose and buy, had better ask professional design personnel to the scene design, must be the primary choice for famous brand shower room, such as shower room, non-standard design and manufacture ability strong, can make the scene according to each customer the different situation of reasonable design, for customers to create both satisfy the user's requirements and conform to the actual bathroom shower room.
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