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A glyph of shower room between the wei yu that design is not suitable for your house? -

by:Appollo     2021-07-29
Now on the market the size of shower room full of beautiful things in eyes, want to choose a suitable shower room size, you also need to consider carefully. According to the different factors of each family, including the area between wei yu, such as family to buy. Most of the family's family is small, do not know how should choose the shower room, the minimum size of the shower room will not suitable for your house? How to choose suitable for shower room is in fact for one word shower room is minimal size, minimum size is just to ensure that activities when bathing, but if you want to have a more comfortable bathing experience, the space of shower room is, of course, the bigger the better. And, of course, if received the limit of the space, shower room cannot be placed, suggested here can choose partition, can achieve the corresponding effect. What is the minimum size of shower room in accordance with the normal physical activity space, one glyph shower room is the smallest size generally width for 80 * 80 cm long, can according to the space between wei yu to reasonable set. It is important to note that the reserved for the location of shower room cannot be lower than the minimum size of shower room, otherwise it will appear the whole space that defend bath constraint and oppression. Between wei yu size effect size for shower room, shower room simpler size for a style shower room, the main influence factors of the activity space of shower room, especially the width of shower room, must be able to move freely in normal for choosing principles, or the size of shower room is too small easy to let a person feel cast away.
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