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Abide by the 'three check' laws and regulations, choosing shower room is always there will be no problem! -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-19
Know the small make up an exclusive secret 'three check', just bought a insurance for your bath, so small make up for all 'three check' became everybody to buy the safety of the stainless steel shower room is a good helper! One to choose, to assure safety, glass must be of the highest purity of toughened glass, but also different from explosion-proof glass, toughened glass to a certain degree is also likely to burst, so let's add a layer of explosion-proof membrane can be very good prevention. Toughened glass is too thin, too thin safe enough, too thick is not necessary, choose 6 ~ 8 mm safety glass is ok, best to knock up sound is ringing, with glass surface lines. Check the toughened glass edge to ensure no damage, edge horn processing level off, try to avoid the revealing hidden danger of the installation. Choice: choose stainless steel profiles of stainless steel shower room stainless steel material selection is very important, it is the choice of the robustness and practicability of the shower room has great relevance, stainless steel profiles need to support a few jins weight, so the material hardness, thickness directly influences the safety and service life of shower room. The processing to the surface of stainless steel flat, straight lines, without the phenomenon of uneven, also does not have the wavy lines; 360 - degree of fine grinding, no burr, not hand, not hurt; Fan orbit using resistance curve technology, costly concise, show the style of high-end, atmospheric effect. Three to choose: hardware accessories hardware fittings of stainless steel shower room is related to the service life is long, so very big effect, especially the handle, inline skates rail, wall of three pieces of this flexibility should pay attention to. Check: check the strip to the wet separation of the bathroom, so the sealing process of shower room should be, check the strip and the glass door in the hinge have breakpoints, best replacement of 1 ~ 2 years, solve the problem of aging, the juncture office that door to door, shower room, shower room and wall of the joint and matrix and the bottom seams of basin water leakage phenomenon.
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