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About 3 ㎡ toilet to choose which good shower room? Such life more comfortable! -

by:Appollo     2021-08-01
Small family toilet in general, only 3 square metre ~ 5 square meters space, if want to dry wet depart, also want to have enough wash gargle, receive area, actually it is about 3 square meters space, also can choose the right shower room to meet your demand. Shower room manufacturers - — The small make up today to share of shower room is about 3 ㎡ toilet to choose which good shower room? A, shower room bring us what are the benefits? 1, dry wet depart, average household toilet if no installation bath crock, that is to use the shower to bath. 2, effective use of space is usually ordinary families are relatively small, the inside of the toilet if the installation bath crock will waste a lot of space, and the shower will waste a lot of water. 3, smell separation more traditional houses are generally not independent shower, but shower and health together, shower room can make the smell of the separation between wei yu. 4, prevent loss of heat in winter, the weather is very cold, if the room that defend bath space is too large, it's easy to let the heat loss, how to wash all feel cold when you take a shower, and it is easy to affect the family's health. Second, about 3 ㎡ toilet to choose which good shower room? 1, the use of corner space to make a curved shower room, and then left and right sides of the toilet and sink, the area of the curved shower room there is a place is completely without pressure. 2, shower room can also choose to square, you can choose according to the actual width of oneself toilet to customize the size of shower room, but if less than 1 square meters, is too crowded. 3, diamond-shaped shower room is more eclectic style, compared to the demand of the square area is smaller, than the arc cost is lower, according to the budget and toilet area to determine the style of shower room! 4, or do the shower room with one glyph to differentiate shower area, advantage is that can get in the shower at ordinary times, let toilet becomes more capacious, one glyph shower room can also make the light flowing, toilet is more bright. 'Today about 3 ㎡ toilet to choose which good shower room? Such life more comfortable 'topic information sharing here will be over, the hope can help you, China's top ten brand shower room, shower room is a specialized overall shower room of shower room manufacturers, adhere to the concept of' share shower space with the world ', the main products are simple shower room, shower room, to provide customers with high-quality products and services to shower room.
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