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Aluminum alloy frame maintenance work is very complicated? Are all the same - actually

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-18
Shower room for many people is believed to have no stranger, even in thousands of family. In addition to the common stainless steel frame, popular with consumers and aluminum alloy frame. At the time of shower room service, besides of toughened glass, aluminum alloy frame maintenance is also a top priority, so we also should focus on when maintenance treatment, let's come to explain the maintenance skills and matters needing attention of consumers. Daily note: first of all, must be sunshine point-blank or insolate, avoid or coating layer will appear fade; Second, clean, do not use with corrosive liquid or material to wipe; Third, when wiping, don't choose the rough material to wipe the surface, to avoid scratching; Fourth, away from sharp objects, aluminum surface if there is a stain, use a neutral detergent soluble can wipe. In addition, the maintenance of hardware accessories: push-pull type shower door, there are sliding block and sliding wheel in two ways. Pulley, slider, in use should be paid attention to avoid collision force activities below the door, lest cause activity door fall off; Pay attention to regularly clean slide rail, pulley, slider, filling lubricant ( Lubricating oil and lubricating wax) ; Regularly adjust the slider of the adjusting screw, to ensure the effect of the slider to door sliding bearing and good. Note: when using the bathroom special detergent, please be sure to properly according to the considerations of the instructions on the container. The wrong method of use will knot a harmful effect on the human body, and easy to make the product appear some bad situation. Do not use to clean out the following items: acidic, alkaline solution, drugs ( Such as hydrochloric acid) , acetone thinner solvents, such as household cleanser, etc. , otherwise will have bad effect to human body, and cause products appear some bad situation.
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