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Aluminum shower room to use neutral lotion maintenance! -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-26
As we all know, the border of shower room basically adopts aluminum, for the maintenance of the material, we should start from what respect? Under the shower room is to introduce to everybody. In general, or the use of aluminum shower room must meet the national standards, high quality aluminum not deformation, has the very strong hardness, only in this way can use in the shower room, bear the weight of the glass shower room. So we're going to a good maintenance of shower room. With you in front of the simple shower room maintenance of various components are introduced, there is detailed to introduce the maintenance of aluminum. In the process of shower room, aluminum oxidation coloring, but the standard is different, for these different standard process, we are going to treat. Electrostatic spraying way for small make up today to complete maintenance of aluminous material, there are many kinds of colors, electrostatic spraying is a kind of solid coating properties. For aluminum, spray coating is easy to fade, so can't exposure in the sun. Also cannot use corrosive liquid to wipe aluminum, more can't scratched the surface of the aluminum with sharp hard objects, and even toothpaste. If the dirty on the surface of aluminum to decontamination? We can use neutral lotion wipe the aluminum first, if is aluminum oxidation coloring, generally do not fade, is the main concern of the hardness, cannot use coarse or something hard to scratch aluminum, just with a neutral lotion.
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