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Amway manufacturers give you a shower shower nozzle clogging cleaning small coup

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-07
Shower head for a long time don't clean up will lead to bacterial growth, equivalent to the shower more dirty! Don't panic, Appollo sanitary ware factory today to teach you some small shower shower nozzle clogging cleaning tips, make you comfortable every day, wash bath!

lubricant: if the flower is aspersed head metal rust cause congestion is very serious, then use rust removing rust lubricant. Derusting lubricant can have very good affinity with metal and permeability. Can put the rust layer and metal layer separation. Makes the rusty parts and metal contact surface, and leaving a protective film. Let the shower does not rust. If your home flower is aspersed not stainless steel material, may use this method.

in vinegar: if your shower head stopped for a long time, and lots of holes are blocked. Then use a needle to a a pierced apparently doesn't show. So, it is recommended that you use acidification of dust removal solution to the problem of shower shower jams. You will need to prepare some white vinegar, vinegar in a basin with shower head can be submerged advisable. Probably dip vinegar after ten minutes, can remove scale in shower head.

needle: if you shower is part of the hole is blocked in the home, the first water, see the bottom hole is that a few blocked. Then you have to open the shower shower head, see the flower is aspersed like shower head with so many small holes through them. Here is the place where the water. Then we will prepare a needle, first and then just see no water holes used a needle to punch the impurities, until hole without impurities. This method is very direct, but be careful to stab the flower is aspersed hole oh.

shower shower nozzle clogged do

shower use for a long time after a period of time

blocking phenomenon occurs it is very natural

this does not mean that a shower is broken

don't worry, you don't have to buy new

if it because of the water for a long time to produce the scale

you only need to remove the shower wash

hear disassembly cleaning a lot of people may feel trouble, in fact, the operation is very simple, it is not to your shower disassembled into piece by piece, main is to make you clean the shower nozzle. Cleaning shower heads are the main raw material is the white vinegar, this is also a family long a material, we will shower after removed, it put into a small bowl with white vinegar soak for two hours or so, scrub with a toothbrush after soaking, reoccupy clear water is clean; If there are hard water sediment swab with lemon slice. Clean shower is to pay special attention to cannot use acid ( Vinegar is good) , lest be caused to sprinkle the surface corrosion.

in order to let the nozzle is not blocked our every six months or more short period of time to shower and clean, let you no longer worry about the shower nozzle blocked suddenly, that affect the mood of your bath. To the service life of the shower, when we install let it not just in the bath bully, and the distance between bath bully is better in more than 60 cm, a little flour and often with a soft cloth wipe the surface of the flower is aspersed, it is still like new.

if you think that the above method is too much trouble don't want to do myself? Small make up to tell you a very simple way - — To buy one! The new flower is aspersed how do we choose to buy a good flower is aspersed, can see this article will teach you how to choose a good shower - — Choose the flower is aspersed four way!
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