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And life science and technology, intelligent shower room change bathroom experience! -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-25
With the continuous development of the era of science and technology, all kinds of intelligent products pouring into ordinary people's life, intelligent security make household security further; Smart appliances, let more boring life with a fun; Smart phones, but also realized across thousands of communication is very convenient. Is science and technology has brought life changes. At the same time, the traditional industry is not backward, shower room has already begun for smart products. Since the line of sight of intelligent products to enter the Chinese, has been popular with the modern young people's high attention, intelligent shower room gradually into the vision of the people, is another potential of intelligent toilet innovation point, and gradually caught the attention of a wider. Intelligent shower room is increasingly popular in recent years a new type of shower room. Its main material and structure is similar to simple shower room, the biggest difference is the more advanced intelligent display, LED lighting and temperature control, intelligent system and energy saving system. To install a LED screen in the shower, watching TV in the shower. From shows the handle to the hinge to metope material, material and modelling are got fully improve, this is known as the pursuit of art, higher end. Cell phone use and interact with the system sensed the human body, do not need to adjust the water temperature, reduce the water pollution, can remember each user to take a bath when the water temperature, water, taking a bath, time and other information. There was some difference of different products, for example, some smart shower room to join the heat exchange system, collecting winter bath hot water used in the heat, heat exchange with the tap water inlet, greatly saves the electricity consumption of water heater. Intelligent can remember the user preference of shower shower room temperature, using big data, more convenient and comfortable, more collocation SOS emergency alarm system and health functions such as body weight, heart rate detection. Believe in the near future, shower room industry will bring people more distinctive shower experience.
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