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Appearance level and strength of the latest - 2018

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-17
Work faster and faster pace of big cities, people increasing pressure on her shoulder. Every day after work, home, dragging a tired body, if this time to a comfortable 'shower', may be perfect! A high quality shower room in addition to pay attention to the quality of the products, in addition to focus on price and quality, more and more people begin to pay close attention to product contains culture idea. A rich cultural connotation of the product that defend bath, let the home more warmth, more representative master's way of life. Shower room has been has a persistent pursuit on high quality refined products, each product contains the designer's inspiration and rich cultural connotation, makes the shower room has always maintained a bathroom industry leading position. Foster series from the structure of aesthetic interpretation of 'high technology' architect Norman foster's architectural philosophy. An advocate for human life forms and meet the most conventional visual experience of creation, is to emphasize the mind-set of human and nature to coexist with; Series will foster the traditional simple structure with mirror steel colorific harmony collocation, using two groups to strengthen structure and solid smooth delicate design of single wheel, the mechanics and the interaction of the exterior and produce the tranquility of the force of stable and long shuttle in culture form once again the warmth and strength. On rail imported 304 stainless steel aluminum alloy structure, solid solid; Wall materials and adopts imported 304 stainless steel bottom rail, 8 k mirror, delicate and beautiful. Using the world's top Opec pulley, combined with every move the door 2 groups to strengthen the single wheel design, to ensure that the double door super smooth, ultra-quiet, accord with human body engineering oval handle, comfortable, stable solid.
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