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Appearance of glass shower room will explosive risk? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-25
Modern people for the pursuit of quality life rising, especially for bath configuration between wei yu, installation of shower room is accepted by more and more families. But there are also many people worry about glass as the appearance of shower room, will there be dissilient danger at any time, frequent use of shower room is how we should avoid explosive shower room? During our daily use of shower room, to avoid sharp objects hard hit the glass, or a dramatic increase in water temperature should not be lower again, according to the characteristics of glass itself, extremely cold hot rapid alternation is likely to make its produce dissilient danger happening. Shower room, glass burst occurring out about glass quality problems, related to the selected brand shower room also. Recommend here, don't covet convenient, actually shower room on market price difference is not big, so be sure to choose and buy regular products, try to choose relatively well-known brand shower room, ensure the quality of shower room, if the problems appeared in the process of shower room is in use, contact the after-sales maintenance solution to fault. Reduce the glass shower room explosive method 1. Pay attention to protect the glass edges for toughened glass, around the edge is the weak area, once the tiny cracks are easy to cause the whole fast glass broken. Therefore in the process of daily use, must pay attention to protect the glass edge position, and regularly check for cracks. 2. Learn to distinguish the toughened glass used must be toughened glass shower room with 3 c certification logo on the product certificate. Second, toughened glass can distinguish by naked eye, when wear polarized sunglasses look at the glass, the glass will present a chromatic stripe spot, and from the side will have a blue spot. 3. As explosion-proof explosion-proof membrane on the film as the basis for the shower housing, can prevent the glass from exploding, broken fragments flying hurt people. When choosing the explosion-proof membrane also need to select after diaphragm association international certification, have qualified explosion-proof membrane production safety film. 4. Glass door right to install the choose and buy the shower house in order to prevent improper installation, caused the explosive phenomenon of shower room glass, arranged by after-sales professionals on-site installation, and debugging.
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