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Avoid falling crisis, bathroom shower room dry wet depart -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-19
In golden October is domestic regular household building materials of the busy season, many people will choose this time ready to welcome the New Year decorate, recently, the authorities issued an international popular, the most common cause of death among them 'accidents' of the sixth, further analysis found that over 65 women died of old man accident cause of death in the second. In 2016, 20% of the old man had fallen experience, and most of the accidents are in the bathroom, why will become old man killer toilet? And you look at the shower room small make up today. Dry wet depart to reduce harm slip slippery ground is the leading cause of the old man fell down. Every time out of the shower, the bathroom floor wet everywhere man, wearing clothes are carefully, afraid to stand fell, believe that every family must face, especially the elderly and children more be especially careful, many families will choose to buy some antiskid shoes to avoid the happening of the accident, but too much prevention and make bathing comfortable experience. So, shower room can easily solve this problem, the bath area divided into dry and wet areas, the old man was in the shower shower, shower room glass partition to block foreign splash water bath, let toilet other area keep clean and tidy to avoid slippery ground fall. Attention to detail the pursuit of zero defect for this new series 802, shower room, to achieve the highest level of security, each hardware, hinges, pulleys are tens of thousands of times in the open test, each piece of glass is after shock resistance test. Use SUS304 stainless steel, bright and beautiful of the surface of the stainless steel. Smooth texture of stainless steel fittings, with fashionable appearance, shake handshandle of delicate, very personalized design, stainless steel bearing pulley, anti-rust durable, the design of the wheel up and down the shower room is in use in the process of shaking, safety quality assurance was continuously enhance the brand value of shower room is top priority. Totally enclosed strip waterproof airtight waterproof function is one of the important indicators to measure a shower room, if installed shower room often leaking toilet, the floor of the bathroom also often wet, selected the shower room of shower room is the strip is recognized in the industry of high standard soft hard co-extrusion strip, waterproof effect good, strong durability, and aging resistance is strong, both in united wall strip and glass door cohesion ensures the shower room is leakproof, ensure the bathroom dry. Humanized design to reduce the bathroom floor wet pay close attention to human nature, pay attention to user experience, has always been the pursuit of shower room is the same, choose the brand shower room outside, small make up recommend options so also pioneered open boutique design, outside the shower door design boutique, shampoo, put bath towel, bath dew bath products, such as in the shower when opened the door of shower room is a activity, you can get what they want to use, can immediately take bath towel to wipe the body after a bath, don't need to get out of shower room outside the body with a towel, reduce the rate of a drop of water droplets on the floor, more can guarantee the bathroom dry ventilation, especially in the northern families, use shower room can have good heat preservation effect. In order to let the old man in the home safety shower, avoid toilet to bring some of the damage, we will try to use a toilet in the bathroom, and on the wall of toilet design a guardrail, convenient old man after using the toilet, hand pull rod stood up and other sanitary ware products should also be reasonable design, avoid the space is narrow, the old man act not convenient.
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