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Bathroom ark lens ark how to use the toilet? Small lens ark is so powerful

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-10

Bathroom ark lens ark is than a normal mirror added to receive ark, the bathroom ark lens ark how to use the toilet? If there is any necessary choice ark of bathroom of with a lens ark? This article is to introduce the benefits of bathroom ark lens ark, small lens ark can bring a better life. We can make the bathroom is divided into two areas: one is to meet the daily shower, toilet, bath, we called the bathroom; One is used to hold all kinds of cosmetics, washing products, bottles and other living items, called receive room. 

Bathroom space is little, receive distress, so in choosing bathroom cabinet, usually choose to receive a function of the lens ark, good time all bathroom ark. Lens ark very not good? Have a can give full play to the 'mirror' and 'tank' function of the lens ark, can easily say goodbye to the bathroom to receive. appollo Y507 bathroom ark that defend bath, 5 mm thickness Gao Qingyin mirror, fog speed, let you enjoy clear view. appollo Y507 bathroom ark that defend bath is the most worthy of collection point its lens ark is a blend of rectangular detailed proportion, and exquisite detail interpretation in stable form shape beauty, the back of the lens ark is a little to receive room, large and small cosmetics 'stealth' among them, scientific classification storage, ark of a fix. Install a toilet with lens ark of bathroom ark, let the girl makeup take more convenient and intuitive. appollo sanitary Y507 bathroom ark besides ordinary lens ark, smart lens ark also gradually by people like. With household intelligent trend of rapid rise, 'smart conceptualization' gives a new definition toilet. 

When making up the bathroom lighting line is blocked can't see? After the bath mirror always misty, couldn't see clean impurities, long product scale? Makeup washing time concept, always inadvertently late? Bath time is monotonous and boring? You are missing a smart mirror. appollo Y676 intelligent bathroom ark intelligent mirror is to meet user requirements, upgrade the quality of life of users derived by bath mirror function. appollo intelligent mirror, using the customizable interactive touch screen, intelligent household module, health management function module, intelligent management module, news broadcast entertainment function module four big functions. appollo Y676 smart bathroom ark mirror the built-in LED lamp, with main bathroom lighting, guarantees the mirror without shadows, and bring ha ha a magnifying glass, let you the beauty of the infinite amplifier. 

Synchronization time temperature, compact moments grasp your morning time. appollo  smart bathroom cabinet above is to introduce the toilet bathroom ark lens ark very useful topics, lens ark is not the simple collocation of bathroom ark, but your home health, receive a housekeeper, help you easily say goodbye to the bathroom to receive trouble, let your bathroom life lighter, healthier. Bathroom cabinet which good, appollo whole sanitary ware for you to provide more high quality sanitary ware products. Want to learn more about appollo contents that defend bath, open the appollo sanitary ware's official website
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