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Bathroom ark of these protective techniques, very practical! ! !

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-06
Nowadays, people more and more attention to self image and taste, bathroom cabinet appearance modelling so, not only have adornment sex, but also can increase the store content function of toilet, one content is multi-purpose. On the market, however, large range of bathroom ark, after long-term use, cabinet put oneself in another's position the distortion problem occurs repeatedly, defending bath of Appollo share several methods to prevent deformation of bathroom ark.

in general, the main reason for the deformation of bathroom ark is the following three:

it is the selection of material and its quality was not pass;

2 it is to happen during the transit knock against, cause a protective film on the surface of the material damage;

3 it is toilet is too wet, wood long exposure in the damp environment.

in view of the above reasons, we'll look for prevention methods:

1, when choosing bathroom ark, it is very important to brand

on the market of bathroom ark category is various, so it's easy to feel confused when choosing. Usually for a good brand, quality and after-sales aspects are reassuring.

Appollo wisdom sanitary bathroom cabinet material variety, fashionable modelling beautiful, cabinet put oneself in another's position of green environmental protection material, multilayer processing technology, high-quality hardware accessories, effectively guarantee the product quality and practical performance, high quality products to build a strong brand!

2, use the glass glue put the seam sealed

to prevent water vapor through the gap to the interior of the cabinet, moisture, cause the entire store interval, in turn, material deformation, even odor. Bathroom cabinet cannot receive effect not only, at this time can also affect the mood all day.

3, keep ventilated, reduce the influence of moisture of bathroom ark

often open the window, exhaust fan, can dry wet depart. At the same time, the bathroom ark should choose ark leg high, and with 304 stainless steel legs, the back of the cabinet don't clingy metope, can effectively isolate the ground moisture and metope.

4, pay attention to maintenance, clear in time the water on the cabinet

in the life, basin faucet water splash is inevitable. At the basin that wash a face with mesa connecting should keep dry, prevent water splashing stranded on the counter for a long time, cause the material deformation of the cabinet. At this point, choose a rich foam, soft tap water is a good way to protect the bathroom ark.

the above four looks easy, but really is not much, not only to buy brand, more want oneself to maintain their home bathroom ark, often maintain protection, bathroom cabinet will not have what problem, choose Appollo sanitary ware will bring you comfortable life!
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