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Before buying combination shower room, the homework to do! -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-22
Shower room decorate for modern people, is not an unfamiliar word, but when it comes to combination shower room, still someone will it confused with other shower room. Combination is also called multifunction shower room, shower room is the most significant features of dry wet depart, heat preservation performance is good, more functional. Compared with the simple shower room, more complete functional equipment, diversified, so the price is higher than common shower room. What combination of shower room is combined with other shower room, shower room by spray device commonly, aluminum alloy frame, shower panel, roof and other accessories. Glass screen usually USES toughened glass, and chassis and lagging is usually acrylic materials. Combination shower are totally enclosed shower room, so relatively good thermal insulation qualities. Portfolio shower house price is how much the actual price according to the size of square meters of the installation of shower room, the luxurious degree to pricing, this is the most important two factors, for many people, between wei yu in the shower room is not big, but in the practical and beautiful, so recommend during installation shower room, installation budget plan, and the size of the space to consider the size of shower room. In general, the combination of simple shower room reference price about thirty thousand, if the house about the reference price of shower room, the actual price to store details about. Combination of shower room is a practical part combination with fully enclosed, hot and cold water shower shower room, massage, and music, phototherapy, aromatherapy, multiple functions such as telephone, television, more have a back massage, steam shower room, waterfall faucet, bath mirror, lighting, etc. , let bath become a real pleasure. Combined the advantages of shower room is that it is a separate independent space, and some also have a back massage, steam shower room, lighting and other functions, is very convenient for us. Of course, this kind of multi-function shower house price will be higher than common shower room, and also in terms of maintenance will be more cost and energy, so the time when the choose and buy needs to consider clear.
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