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Big profits start sanitary ware shop, hardware accessories how to choose?

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-22
For many people, investing sanitary ware is a good choice, as the economic level, also ushered in the certain development sanitary ware industry. So big profits, start sanitary ware shop sanitary ware hardware accessories how to choose? The following let Appollo wei yu to teach you how to do it.

sanitary ware hardware accessories include: faucets, showers, shelf, Angle valve, soap, clothes hook, etc. , so many hardware accessories, how to buy cheap and practical?

1, the wei yu that Appollo - Understand the commonly used hardware accessories

wei yu the commonly used hardware fittings according to the material can be divided into: pure copper fittings, stainless steel fittings, aluminum alloy parts, zinc alloy parts. Different materials for different parts, the function is also different.

2, Appollo sanitary ware - Hardware accessories price comparison

pure copper fittings within 50 - - 400 yuan/piece; Stainless steel accessories 20 - reference price - 200 yuan/piece; Aluminum alloy fittings 40 - reference price - 300 yuan/piece; Reference price 20 - zinc alloy - 200 yuan/piece.

3, the wei yu that Appollo - Hardware accessories selection method

the wei yu that Appollo suggest a watch brand, some big brand products are of good quality and after-sale national group; 2 see accessories, accessories and sanitary ware to cooperate with each other; Three see material pledge to see when buying the material and the price is consistent; Four see coating on the parts surface roughness and wear resistance.

4, Appollo sanitary ware - The space and application of the hardware fittings

the tap to choose according to the purposes and to select installation location, generally between sanitary ware in the basin that wash a face with single and double type faucet, bathtub and shower room with triple combination. The price is also different, therefore, must choose the appropriate tap. Choose flower is aspersed to adjust measures to local conditions, according to the space to choose the size of the flower is aspersed, shower room space smaller can choose portable showers, this kind of flower is aspersed to avoid splashes outside the bathroom, and relatively cheap. If the shower room can choose larger head shower, feeling atmosphere and beautiful.
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