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Bronze buy toilet VS king toilet, is the difference?

by:Appollo bath     2020-10-26
Buy toilet just like buy a mobile phone, what kind of price, may be different price for different performance, perhaps the same price, there are different performance. Buy a mobile phone you are thoughtful or even a week for a month, buy toilet, of course, may be selected carefully!

so, also is to buy a toilet, bronze level buy buy toilet toilets and king level, what's the difference? Together and see it!

bronze buy toilet


1, the famous brand

in the consumption of conventional thinking, the more well-known brand, quality should be not too bad, the more established product, the quality of the more worthy of trust, is there?

2, see the price first find a brand recognition, guide service attitude good, overall store the sanitary ware that can accept the price, and then begin to choose a toilet, according to the price some people choose how many toilet is how much of the budget, some people is compared to all of the price, choose medium high prices a little toilet, what kind of person are you? 3, listen to your guides 'listen to your mother, don't let her injury. 。 。 。 。 。 。 'Wrong, again. 'Listen to your guides, don't let her injury. 。 。 。 。 。 。 'A lot of people, when the choose and buy closestool, because do not understand, just listen to the introduction of the seller. The so-called 'three points, seven points to sell', is refers to most of the salesman, a salesman's guide to introduce, only thirty percent are the real products, in the introduction and related products, you don't have tested, and how do you know she said must be true? 4, to find an acquaintance to decorate the event, the most common is to look for acquaintances contracted decorate, buy paint to find an acquaintance, find acquaintances to buy furniture. 。 。 。 。 The reliability of acquaintances sometimes is better than the brands. At the same time we also often hear such words, 'why are familiar with each other, never also embarrassed for him to redo again', 'everyone is so familiar, also embarrassed bargaining with his', 'early know won't find him, give me so expensive to buy. 。 。 。 。 。 。 'Little imagine, decorate the most taboo, is looking for an acquaintance! Buy sanitary ware, actually it's the same reason.

king buy toilet


1, according to the product to choose brand

for king level players, wei yu is a major categories, contains the showers, the bathroom ark, toilet, shower room and so on. But not every a well-known brand, can will all the product that defend bath perfectly, people have advantages and disadvantages, brand products must also has a tendency to products. So choose the brand before, you first look at the product.

2, look, ask, cut

king choose closestool, must not only listen to your guides and acquaintances, they will choose to give it a try yourself.

hope: look at the toilet on the surface of the glaze gloss, bright enough to be reflective, gloss and not grind arenaceous feeling, then glaze is after high temperature, it is not easy to break, it's not easy because in damp environment for long will burst. The higher the better gloss, smoothness, water will be cleaner, cleaning is also a good clean. As some colored toilet gloss or not easily seen toilet, markers can be coated with oil, then try to wash, can rinse is high quality glazed ~!

q: guide to put forward the five question: where is the home of the toilet is? How much is the toilet water effect level? From the pit? Is there a supporting ring? The toilet how long is the warranty?

cut: is personally try to fit. Girl's strength is small, can simply press the water, open cover, if is the boy picked up a toilet, direct test weight.

to recommend good from king


ceramic firing, are after decades of experience, can precipitate out the best qualities. Not only that, but also have very strict requirements for the producing area of clay, as is known to all, guangdong ceramic clay output was the most quality of ceramics. After the high temperature burn output of glazed clean is not easy to hang and long durability. The quality of the recommended origin from guangdong clay - — Appollo sanitary ware brand.

Appollo sanitary ware is made of high quality green clay raw materials, imported glaze and high quality hardware, more innovation, by using unique nanometer self-cleaning glaze + high smooth glaze technology, double glazing, the glaze thick, product surface level off is smooth, colour and lustre is glittering and translucent jade, porcelain and delicate, the dirt is not easy to echo and easy to clean, is like new.

high quality material and fine craft is the base of support good sanitary ware, Appollo has been sticking to the wei yu that intensive cultivation, the beautiful and durable high quality toilet into homes, the wei yu that Appollo way, for more customers to provide quality product that defend bath, swimming in the health bath life.
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