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Buy buy bathroom ark can not only listen to the old carpenter told you the stand or fall of solid wood and multi-layer solid wood

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-19

When the bathroom ark become necessities of people's lives, more and more consumers begin to pay attention to the bathroom ark material classification, the durability, environmental protection, waterproof and moistureproof more fastidious. We go to bathroom store, many shoppers will recommend you solid wood bathroom cabinet, because consumers generally believe that real wood is one of the most high-end. In fact this is a myth, in the European and American countries, multi-layer solid wood bathroom ark is the use of more high class instead. 

 Because, in pay attention to environmental protection of European and American countries, with particular emphasis on the protection of the forest, wood need to cut down a lot of forests, and multi-layer solid wood to good use for wood, can also exceeds the defects of the solid wood. For the use of multi-layer solid wood, in Europe and the United States has reached & other; Real wood is multi-layer solid wood, multi-layer solid wood is wood & throughout; Position. Rural before a lot of furniture are made of please carpenter, experienced the old carpenter is very understand wood, he knows that there is a natural growth of wood texture internal stress, it will result in the crack of the solid wood furniture, twisted, so they are on the selection of wood and cutting is more exquisite, as far as possible avoid deformation and inner stress produced by cracking. Industrialized production of solid wood bathroom cabinet, now cracking deformation is the fatal shortcomings, the main reason is due to the characteristics of real wood itself. But the multi-layer solid wood bathroom ark was to avoid the cracking phenomena. In terms of material multi-layer solid wood and solid wood. We use of solid wood bathroom cabinet plate is made of complete wood, and multi-layer solid wood bathroom ark with sliced plank is the logs before pressing. Multi-layer solid wood bathroom ark is how to overcome the cracking phenomenon? Rotary cutting technology on multi-layer solid wood, will be cut into thin sheet, log after rotary cutting wood to reduce internal stress, eliminates the distortion of wood & other; Throughout that time &; 。 

 Rotary cutting thick wood need to be set after sanding, then through high temperature and high pressure, and then let stand for 15 to 20 days to release internal stress balance, the balance of wood is stable, this process is called keeping in good health. Curing the flake wood 90 degrees to each other after the vertical and horizontal cross agglutination, after cold pressing, hot pressing, sanding, keeping in good health, ultimately form a multi-layer solid wood. Compared with the whole piece of pure real wood, after deep processing of multi-layer solid wood more strong, stable structure, made of multi-layer solid wood bathroom ark the biggest advantage is can effectively adjust the humidity and temperature of environment, under the environment of dry and wet deformation is not easy to crack. 

 This is why solid wood bathroom ark craze, as soon as I get to the north and multi-layer solid wood bathroom ark remained intact. And from the social level, multi-layer solid wood can be fully utilized native timber, do not waste wood, help to save resources, to better protect the forest. Multi-layer solid wood bathroom ark defect is high requirement of manufacture craft, process a lot, if the production process does not meet the standard to reach the ideal effect. In domestic enterprises, for example, in order to reach the effect of multi-layer solid wood ideal, Appollo successively passed 13 balance drying, degreasing process, 128 cold pressing, hot pressing, and curing process, makes a superior quality of multi-layer solid wood bathroom ark. In addition, compared with the solid wood bathroom ark adopts complete wood, multi-layer solid wood gluing process is required, a lot of people will worry about the problem of dope excess. 

 Aiming at this problem, the Appollo did the experiment, the multi-layer solid wood bathroom ark long soak in the fish tank, and keeps a small goldfish in the bathtub. Results the bathroom ark intact expansion, cracking, deformation, the inside of the small goldfish can play freely unaffected. Through a small goldfish to the strict requirement of the water quality, high environmental testing out multi-layer solid wood bathroom ark. Through the above introduction, hope the broad masses of netizens to solid wood bathroom ark have a better understanding and multi-layer solid wood bathroom ark, when to buy bathroom cabinet, according to the actual situation to choose the appropriate materials. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo sanitary ware's official website
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