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Buy sanitary ware why buy brand? Two pictures to let you know the difference between the brand and less known and inferior brand!

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-10
Market thousands of registered brand, regardless of the brand in the market with a less known and inferior brand also has hundreds of active, consumers not only watch, many dealers to look at the sales also, we only know that there are less known and inferior brand, brand, fake, then what is the brand, what is less known and inferior brand, buy sanitary ware is a brand from disabled or buy more affordable, with a less known and inferior brand where exactly are the main differences between them?

in the sanitary ware industry for so many years, you will find an interesting phenomenon: a large number of inferior that defend bath to also hurried to also in a hurry, with a less known and inferior brand and brand sanitary ware, but more to do better. Sell sanitary ware for many years, and found a objective facts, with people's emphasis on sanitary environment, is a bit expensive, but more and more people buy brand sanitary ware. Appollo today to join the sanitary ware that manufacturers will tell you from development to production, from quality to qualification, from service to guarantee. Why let more and more people choose the brand sanitary ware.

1, from production to the configuration

first bath with a less known and inferior brand of counterfeit inferior product that defend bath is how to produce, in what environment, the output of the diagram below this kind of mill type, considered the production workshop, the ground can be seen everywhere broken wood, simple storage bubble, the cartons are put, no link of quality control, purchasing cheap inferior parts assembled, the wall around the comparable abandoned houses, in addition to the line a little light, other scenarios to look.

the following is a formal manufacturers, formal sanitary ware manufacturer production process a lot of process control, that is, from r&d to open mill and accessories, accessories procurement - standards - the first test to performance acceptance, safety test - demonstration experience - sample assembly to product optimization, the limit test to mass production, inner and outer packing and unpacking sampling to warehouse inventory, ready to shipment. Do each link all don't neglect, to produce high quality products, and this is why many professional consumers want to buy a brand and why not buy a less known and inferior brand.

2, from the legal production to the operating procedures of the

formal manufacturers: business license, tax registration to organizations, 3 c certification to the trademark certificate, quality inspection report to the registered capital, entity authentication and production license

less known and inferior brand and inferior: business license, No/a) And tax registration, No/a) - organization ( No/a) -> 3 c authentication, No) And trademark certificate ( No) - quality inspection report, No) - no - no -> no

consumers to use the two images is clear left left left

3, from service to guarantee

than services: you are a regular sanitary ware brand bought a set of bathroom ark, cabinet put oneself in another's position to protect your hardware with you three years after a year you 3 ~ 8 years, professional installation of safe use on a regular basis to ensure you return you use, will never be better than these services is a less known and inferior brand. And fake and inferior brand sanitary installation does not professional after-sales can not find people, a business what about service.

than security: you buy a toilet in the regular wei yu brand appear any problems, manufacturers will be rushed to the scene as soon as possible after informed, the responsible for the claim compensation, because the brand need to common people of word of mouth is doing, and counterfeit and inferior brand sanitary ware explosion casualties of the leakage, the run run way or couldn't be reached to the manufacturer or is unable to compensate, how about guarantee!

choose brand milk powder, ate security; Appliances to choose the brand with the rest assured, Mobile phone choose brand, more dignified; Choose the brand that buy a house, live at ease; Buy sanitary ware brand, with enjoyable. So that defend bath also is same, those selling brand sanitary ware, and sold it for many years is still popular, while fake fake cheat you disappeared. Without '' don't stand,' the letter 'soon, it's that simple! In the future, the brand will be better, worse, that defend bath is in this way, people also is such!
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