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Can be installed between the wei yu that tiny one-piece shower room? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-17
The pursuit of high quality modern city life, often are not satisfied with your life situation. While household decorates is the most can reflect where most people like to install independent shower in the bathroom, the type is various, including simple shower room, multi-function, one-piece shower room, shower room, etc. , one of the most popular with modern people for one-piece shower room. In addition to bring people life convenient, can easily solve the problem of dry wet depart, one-piece shower room there is a special, the equipment clean and simple to maintain the remove a lot of trouble, for many people, you don't need to consider completely equipment of any trouble. One-piece shower room not only fashion, but also beautiful. It also has many functions, such as a bath, massage, sauna, etc. Blessing of luxury shower room is controlled by computer can finish surfing and steam. 1, according to the bathroom shower room shape Suggestions according to the size of the bathroom, to choose the shape and specification of shower room. Shower room is roughly divided into ordinary market, symmetrical arc shower room, there are some square, diamond, etc. The door of shower room also has a different way, such as swing doors, sliding door, sliding doors, etc. , different way to open the door can be better applied in the different area of the bathroom space, but also the whole bathroom decorate a style. 2, choose high quality brand shower room for the first time to buy small white one-piece shower room, from the brand shower room, can guarantee its quality. Divided into common glass, glass hot bending glass, tempered glass, toughened glass, and full toughened glass. The main material is toughened glass of shower room, so when choosing the shower glass, in order to guarantee the safety of the consumer, must be strictly use toughened glass. 3, pay attention to the warranty period when installing one-piece shower room with steam function should pay attention to the steam engine and computer control panel, and hypothesis of the steam engine did not shut down in time, is easy to cause the circuit board failure. Due to the shower room of all the function keys on the computer control panel, computer control panel as one of the central parts of shower room, when a computer board appear problem, will be unable to activate all one-piece shower room. Therefore, at the time of purchase of the steam engine and computer board need to ask about warranty, during damage must be timely maintenance.
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