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Can dry wet depart of shower room is how important? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-24
The dry wet depart between bath, can not only prevent damp health caused by disease, can make whole space more neat and beautiful. In general, the counters are placed between wei yu in the position near the door, reuse of shower room is divided into independent shower space, make whole layout appears elegant and generous. Modern bathroom decorate topic is dependent on the dry wet depart, minimalist light luxury shower room design is especially popular with young people. In the past, has been wet, dark impression to the person between wei yu, since the emergence of shower room, dry wet depart to become relaxed, between wei yu is divided into two parts by the toilet, dry area and wet area, so that at the time of shower, will not have to worry about water splashed all over the place. Toilet area does not need too much illicit close space, can independence through remake the space this space, this kind of treatment instead of using functional strength, and easy to clean, and open area by hand basin of wash one's hands, mirrors, shelf, green plant, such as furniture and decoration decoration, tend to be the highlight of interior decoration. Install the toilet of shower room can be kept dry and health status, for some use the toilet of wooden bathroom cabinet, wooden bathroom ark cause bacteria breeding is easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp, dry environment is able to extend the service life of bathroom ark, save a lot of unnecessary expense! Will divide the toilet, to set up an independent space that wash bath, shower room in the shower, can hold off the shower when water droplets flying, kept toilet is relatively dry. And shall not affect the other daily life not conflict. Winter bath, shower room space is small, more warm and the shower is not too cold. Many people want to bath crock is put in between wei yu, but take up the space is bath crock is larger, the shower room is just solve this difficult problem, cover an area of an area small, easy installation. The modelling diversity of shower room, satisfy various requirements on the function, also can ensure the whole of toilet and beautiful.
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