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'Chinese style bathroom ark' me! ! ! ! ! ! ! What! So! Good! Look!

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-13
Now for the product that defend bath the major consumers of 80/90 later said that only meet the function between the wei yu that wash bath is obviously not conform to the young people pursuit individual character style. As a result, the diversification of the product that defend bath is more and more emphasis on functional and practical, based on the trend, set the multi-function of the existence of bathroom ark is the space that defend bath is indispensable, and Appollo bathroom ark type style of elegance of the design has become the pursuit of elegant taste the love of consumers. As the Chinese culture gradually popular, also led to Chinese wind bath sanitary ware industry, the trend of Chinese design elements, including wood carving decorative pattern gradually appears in the toilet, classical and fashionable collision can always give a person the spark of jing, the fusion of east and west elements unique impression of Chinese style design style.

the Oriental culture in the world's popularity, it is hard to imagine the classical connotation of Chinese elements in the world category, has the very high artistic value of classic Chinese style to borrow the design style of ancient palace building, grand, magnificent showily, is a profound interpretation of classical Chinese culture.

Chinese antique wei yu, distinctive woodiness decorates the space that defend bath more add a few minutes of of primitive simplicity style, the adornment of good-looking classic decorative pattern, is a symbol of the good moral, place oneself among them give a person with strong feelings of Chinese national culture continuation and the history of the regional cultural show infinite charm. Appollo sanitary ware the Chinese style bathroom cabinet, having a unique style of the plum blossom sculpture not only embodies the unique cultural characteristics, more contains the three elements of green, environmental protection and health.

because of the Chinese culture emphasize the feeling of life, therefore had a special preference for wood, quaint color, in every flow of notes contain deep lasting appeal, carefully taste may be able to realize some philosophy. Appollo defending bath of Chinese style design advantage is that can well reveal master elegant grade, and it can let a person mood calm, natural and graceful temperament than any other style of bathroom ark, Chinese style bathroom ark points with much less gentle; Less busy the more primitive simplicity or refined.

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