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Choose easy clean huo simple shower room and shower room is that good? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-21
Popular on the market for easy clean huo and two simple shower room, shower room in fact both have why to distinguish? What kind of shower room is more safe and reliable? Next, small make up for this topic, to the debate for everyone, do some interpretation for everybody! Easy clean huo, shower room is in the glass of shower room, add a layer of nanometer easy clean huo coating on the surface of nano easy clean huo coating is an imitation of nature of lotus leaf surface microstructure and by reducing the material surface adhesion, can make the surface hydrophobic hydrophobic effect of oil, water, oil, the exclusion of coloured liquid, stains on the surface and not adhesion and form liquid drop beads, so as to be like a lotus leaf self-cleaning effect easy clean huo. This easy clean huo coatings by chemical reaction in chemical bond with the base material ( Glass) In toilet environment vulnerable to relatively strong acid, alkaline liquid contact or soak for a long time, severely affected the stability, easy clean huo coating effect gradually deteriorated until disappear, life in a year or so commonly, Laboratory data, fixed number of year of the actual may be shorter) 。 Self-cleaning function failure after the glass transparent degree is worse, more difficult to clean, if you want the glass to have easy clean huo function owner can oneself again to buy the shower room of the store to buy self-cleaning chemical potions themselves on the glass to daub, or require manufacturers to after-sales service. At the same time, the processing of the easy clean huo is a chemical reaction process of structure damage on glass surface, impact resistant ability is affected, since the rate rise. In general, shower room manufacturers are choose good quality tempered glass, it is generally believed glass glass choose shenzhen south glass or Shanghai yao leather factory is one of the best. Also look at the glass surface of the transparent feeling, whether defects, such as bubbles, white and black spots. Suggestion: brand manufacturers of glass shower room in transparent feeling is good, and easy to clean, if for regular maintenance and maintenance, the shower room basically can keep a brand new, there is no need for easy clean huo processing. Easy clean huo refers to the surface inside shower room shower room don't touch water, actual it is in the glass surface coating a layer of acidic chemical material, through the corrosion on the surface of the glass wool stoma and achieve the result that don't touch water. This kind of glass - 12 The use of 24 months, coating on the surface of the glass will fall off, because the surface of the glass wool stoma is corrosion, so there will be very difficult to clean glass. So for the vast number of consumers, using ordinary tempered glass more accord with our requirements.
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