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Choose good shower room glass, safety is very important

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-22
Comfortable shower experience should have high quality shower room, shower room glass has become a key, is as thick as possible, the more durable, glass how to choose? How is safer? Then follow the pace of small make up together and see it. On the choice of glass shower room there's little doubt that the choice of toughened glass, toughened glass is more durable than common glass secure, as the thickness of the two kinds of glass, toughened glass can bear the impact of a stronger, is more secure. Toughened glass is broken, will break into granular, little harm to the human body, and ordinary glass is broken, is broken into pieces, angular, harm is larger. Life can shower room basically is to look at the shower room glass, the thicker the glass will be more strong, relatively worse instead, thermal conductivity, the possibility of burst is higher, more than 8 cm of toughened glass on the market a lot of can't completely tempered, burst at this time, there will be a sharp, easier to cut cause harm to human body. The heavier the thicker the glass, for the use of pulleys pressure, will shorten its service life, the more thick toughened glass is more dangerous, and tempered glass is more important is whether the manufacturer formal degree of qualified, impact resistant, tempered, etc. Toughened glass of choose and buy should be bullish on whether to have 3 c authentication, can be seen from here is the toughened glass, a reasonable choice of toughened glass, nc size, choose regular professional manufacturer brand, check whether qualified, formal manufacturers more secure.
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