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Choose safety shower room, begin with selected high quality toughened glass -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-21
See in many users complain due to the problem of toughened glass shower room in the home, explosive injury problems, worries many consumer, how to choose safeguard of toughened glass? In the shower room security we consumers should be the security detail again? Shower room is a rising industry in recent years. According to furniture quality inspection department, the domestic companies have thousands of the production of integrated shower room, but the production capacity of the good and bad are intermingled, countries have introduced the relevant mandatory standards, so many manufacturers to consumers after accident shuffle. Still, zone see shower room in the building materials market, due to the airtight sex good, appearance beautiful, vogue shower room decorate many new families are going to buy, have to ask. According to salesperson introduction, currently on the market of shower house price from 2000 yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, the main difference is that the quality of the glass door and parts quality. Article 6 of the regulation on administration of construction safety glass regulation: window partition, bathroom enclosure, and must use a safety glass screen ( Full toughened glass) 。 In addition, the standard provisions of the state, the explosive rate must be less than three over one thousand. But one specializing in bathroom equipment dealers, currently on the market sell some cheap shower room, are mostly produced by small workshops without production qualification, then put normal manufacturer of brand and trademark 'nation inspection-exempted products'; In order to reduce costs, many small manufacturer USES half toughened glass or even hot bending glass. The shower room is made of glass, influenced by external factors, such as with cold water with hot water in winter or summer, are likely to burst, unlike the broken pieces of the scales of toughened glass, have sharp edges and is easy to hurt. And normal manufacturer production of tempered glass safety performance is high. So, when the choose and buy, consumer should pay attention to what issues? Building materials market of a salesman gave us a few recruit: 1. Can't pursue cheap, buy products marked with the producer name and address and the certificate of approval; 2. With knuckles on glass, toughened glass sound is ringing, common glass sound more dreary; 3. Authentic toughened glass carefully watching there will be a vague pattern; 4. After purchase, the requirement manufacturer and installed, so as not to increase the risk due to the improper installation.
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