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Choose the shower room with a nice product, follow these points can! -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-22
Now, we all want to own shower condition is getting better and better, so our bathroom shower facilities more and more, but even then, how to do well the family condition of shower room is far worse than the condition of shower room outside. Next, small make up for everyone to introduce domestic shower room is little common sense. Domestic shower room - Family simple shower room structure the basic construction of shower room is chassis adds crawl. Chassis quality of a material is ceramic, acrylic, glass fiber reinforced plastic, etc. , quality fence framework for aluminum alloy material, the outer coating. Fence with plastic or toughened glass door, can convenient pass in and out, spray colorful flowers or lines are printed on the glass. Families can be installed inside shower room shower heads, bath when pull the door, water won't be splashed outside. The size of the domestic shower room is chassis to roughly 80 cm and 90 cm two kinds, area size can according to your needs. Domestic shower room - Domestic shower room sculpts the family the shower room chassis that sells on the market divides common square outside, there are a variety of model: circle, fan-shaped, diamond form. Fences are installed on the door is not all limited common form, flexibility is bigger. Some shower room on the top of the fence with a same as frame character of beam, beam ends can be fixed on both sides of the wall, can increase the stability of shower room on one hand, on the other hand can also be used to buckwheat. Domestic shower room - Domestic shower room is the colour of shower room is much by colorful family family shower room the coating color of the frame, the shower house that sells on the market now already broke through a single white, added a lot of bright colors, combined with the color of toilet, will be clean and illuminative function 2 for one. Some families shower room factory adopts the technology of arenaceous silver of gush arenaceous gold or gush, colour is showily, but the price wants relatively a few more expensive. The user can choose according to his be fond of suitable color. Domestic shower room - Family difference of shower house price difference of shower house price is very big, price of homebred shower house is in one thousand five hundred yuan to two thousand yuan between, price of house of foreign entrance shower is in 3000 - 4000 yuan between. The key factors of family shower house price a lot. Among them the ply of glass of the modelling of chassis, crawl and whether with beam has a certain influence on the price. Chassis with quadrate batholith the cheapest, chassis shape is irregular, mould cost is high, the family shower house price also will be increased accordingly. Domestic shower room conditions, though less outside the shower, but wins in the clean health, so a lot of people even if again how tired, also won't go to the shower room outside. You can try to make your own shower room a bit bigger, so you can literally add facilities inside, perhaps slowly feel outside the shower!
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