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Choose the toilet also is door technology, how to correct choice? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-21
Modern home decorate a style to 'toilet' has become one of the necessary set of toilet, however we are in the process of choose and buy, there will be a question of how to choose the toilet? It is also vital, said the farther it will likely affect your normal life. The first point: good product quality porcelain porcelain in the process of firing temperature, uniform, specifications, etc is stricter, so will also last longer. At the same time we can use a harder material flips porcelain surface, good toilet will be ringing sound. And inferior point usually sound like the coo of a less, and inferior surface of the toilet or medial QuCao there will be a small needle spots and the phenomenon such as lack of glaze. The second point: the product appearance to buy any product that defend bath, the first thing we see is the 'look' at least let I can accept. Then there is the appearance of the detail understanding, usually porcelain toilets we need to see its gloss, porcelain and glossiness is a measure of the quality of the product. From the Angle of the craft that make, porcelain gloss more glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, said its density is higher, in the daily cleaning and maintenance is easier. The third point: drainage performance of a toilet drainage performance is particularly important, and includes the internal product, toilet water, sewage, performance, etc. , these are all factors will directly affect the use effect. Market of the common toilet drainage performance can be divided into strong fall type, siphon strong fall type, siphon jet type and siphon type four vortices. About water tanks and other products with configuration options, should be in accordance with the individual different quality request to make to measure, usually I mainly imported from a drain, finger pressure valve, toilet, button sound, the quality of the several aspects such as tank volume to observe. Fourth: after-sales service every brand products should have a good after-sales service, warranty, replacement time constraints, such as, for example, these are all user thinks that the real whaley, so need to carefully before buying products advisory service.
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