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Choose what kind of good weather bar - shower room

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-27
The weather bar of shower room is very important, weather bar can impede the shower water, prevent floor be affected with damp be affected with damp, keep it dry. With the development of sanitary ware, water retaining of the material is becoming more and more abundant, artificial stone, marble, and plastic. Then shower weather bar materials have? What is a good material shower weather bar? Below small make up for this problem, the shower room weather bar material, material quality, different materials of shower water retaining article introduces the characteristics, for your reference. The article, plastic material of shower room manger article plastic retaining water of shower room is economical and practical, durable, light material to use, simple installation and good sealing. Many owners are like plastic material, weather bar, and some design bathroom shower room into different shapes, use plastic weather bar, you can change as the edge of the glass shower room, can be flexible used all sorts of modelling. Article 2, artificial stone quality shower room water retaining artificial stone retaining water of shower room is a popular, corrosion resistant, acid and alkali resistance, impact resistance, non-toxic, non-radioactive, non-stick oil, easy to clean, to has the characteristics of combat against the stench, water. The shower partition material is gradually becoming a preferred establishment defending bath to decorate the market and popular with everyone. Article 3 and shower room marble material block water shower room marble weather bar is a soft texture of natural stone material, processing performance is stronger. And each piece of marble texture is different, smooth surface, it is a relatively high-end shower room weather bar materials, prices tend to be expensive, but there are still many owners can not resist the beautiful, generous style, choose marble material weather bar. Article four, granite material shower water retaining the shower room of granite block water hardness is higher than the marble. Weather bar when the choice, its hardness is considered one of the factors, because of weather bar above is shower room glass material, this article will need to flush a certain bearing capacity. High hardness, by contrast, some stronger material abrasion resistant ability, and granite, bibulous rate is very low, close, material of the external moisture infiltration very hard, and as a good waterproof, water retaining of the material. Article 5, natural stone material qualitative shower room water retaining water shower room block of natural stone do one of the most suitable material. In building materials sells on the market of natural stone decoration materials can be made into shower room weather bar, including water retaining the most with black stone, looks very high, and floor tile can match any color. Of course, after have a certain knowledge of weather bar, also pay attention to the shower room water tightness, the most important still is according to their habits and the actual situation of wei yu to choose the most suitable for their own. If you don't know how to choose, also can seek advice to the shower room near the store oh, have professional staff for you to explain! Choose shower room, the brand is very important. Look for the good brand, spend money won't happen!
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