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Choosing shower room is not do more harm than good or more harm than good? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-21
With the development of economy, people's living level gradually improve, more and more is also high to the requirement of quality of life bathroom, shower room of the brands are on the market with a variety of selling point. By now, shower room industry has experienced years of development, product improvement it with many projects, from a new industry gradually grow into bathroom industry strong new growth point. In recent years, with the rising industry sales of shower room, shower room users more and more, the public understanding of shower room is no longer just limited to the advertisement, or a product introduction, began to have the experience, discussion about the pros and cons of shower room on the market is also increasingly hot. Now, the question becomes, shower room is not do more harm than good, or do more harm than good? Small make up carefully, and listening. A controversial point, shower house price is high. Compared with the traditional bath products, shower house price is high, but if the bathtub, drying machine, suction fan, the unit price added up to see a few home appliance, shower house price is reflected. Controversial point two, shower room taking up space. In fact, the occupied space than bath crock of shower room is more flexible, can according to the pattern of each toilet layout to determine the style and size of shower room, and bath crock is in addition to take up too much place, believe that for every family, the actual usage is relatively small, and the most common problem is to use bath crock, overflow to have to deal with water after each use. A disputed point three, shower room is not practical. Many consumers feel that oneself does not need shower room, with shower room also can't use, very small. Little imagine, shower room can not only provide different shower experience, more can make toilet to dry wet depart effect, make you really save trouble and effort!
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