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cnnytop - There are 7 big shower room brand after-sales service commitment -

by:Appollo     2021-07-31
Shower room into our home, believe a lot of families have installed shower room now, but what about shower room there is a problem? Should contact the after-sales customer service, we all know that brand shower room is numerous, but there are many do not reach the designated position, after-sales service have to fool a few words of understanding, so shower room when the choose and buy must choose a big brand, so the prestige guaranteed, so brand shower room service? Shower room is rated as 'top ten brand shower room' at the same time also get a lot of customer support and trust, if there are 7 big bearing shower room service, give consumer confidence guarantee, to ensure the quality of shower room. Shower room each products through various test, each parts and materials are carefully chosen. What are the commitments that shower room service? The shower room manufacturer to tell you. 1, we are committed to provide the most professional overall shower room solution designer will according to the customer the layout structure of toilet, provide professional design and customization. 2, we promise to provide free on-site measurement and design of the service designers will free on-site measurement and according to the different toilet layout, provide professional shower room design. 3, we are committed to provide the city free door-to-door delivery and installation services national city flagship store to provide free door-to-door delivery and installation services, outside the city proper transportation fee. ( City divided by the local dealer plan) 。 4, we promise to arrange engineer to provide professional home outfit for service guarantee completely using 100% free industrialization home outfit engineers installed after-sales service for the customer. 5, we are committed to the overall shower room products a year warranty service under the condition of the quality of three packs of shower room, all can enjoy one year warranty service ( Cosmetic damage does not belong to the warranty scope) 。 6, we are committed to shower room products installed free on-site cleaning service professional installation workers after the installation of the product, are responsible for the scene of the cleaning work. 7, we are committed to 48 hours after service processing mechanism within 48 hours of after-sales service to provide the perfect solution, and to process the related question. If you buy the products, the use and maintenance etc. If you have any question, can call the service hotline at 400 830 2030 contact us, you will get a satisfactory explanation detailed and thoughtful service.
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