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Comfort 'full marks' bathroom experience, should be mine?

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-14
Today to be with you about the bathroom shower small knowledge, don't know if you have met something like this:

in the shower water too slow, feeling rubbing along while of have haven't washed?

the bathwater when cold when hot, hot summer into a pig into a dog's cold in winter in feeling is there?

just turn on the switch was suddenly flung spray did a LianShui embarrassed?

shower is scale plug, thought water cut off for ever?

washed a shower the whole bathroom damp a special vexed?

home with children, older people are afraid to ask them to casually, tension in and out of the bathroom?

daily-used products such as soap, shower gel can't literally put special caution?

with bath shower room also worry that will burst in the process of have no sense of security?

. 。 。 。 。 。

these experiences of the mentioned above, if you are 'in' two above, so your bathroom experience intimacy 'big discounts', so to speak. The bathroom can effectively promote life happiness, but don't let these little trouble to interference! So, we're going to suit the remedy to the case!

about shower shower, how to do 'comfort' '?

in the first place, the water must be measured. Hot and cold, when big is small, the strong with the weak. 。 。 Will seriously affect the comfort of a shower. A great shower shower, the existence of these problems is not allowed! Look at Appollo sprinkle the three functions of the spray is how to correct these foibles?

it can do make water yield adequate and very smooth and uniform, and special soft, quiet, considerate and tender skin at the same time, also won't bother your elegance. Its built-in mute bubbler, water sound more smaller, let you enjoy AnXinJing better wash bath time!

have this ability, also worry that swoops down by the water of embarrassing? Plus uniform and orderly water yield, let you from the tangle of when cold when hot oh ~ in addition, the design of the 9 inches square top gush, can make shower time, holding a flower to asperse shower functions to choose from, close to your needs. You shower, it to share ~

the about shower environment, how to 'security' '?

'dry wet depart' is a good choice. Now, new decorate commonly bathroom can choose mount shower room, this is a comfort to consider for the bathroom, also for security consideration. Damp bathroom environment is easy to cause stumbled, cause potential safety hazard, so wet and dry separation is very necessary. There are a lot of people in the choice when buying shower house often confused, the first is to consider safety performance, and then consider the size, its aesthetics, etc. The safety performance of how to identify? Basically see the material and workmanship.

the Appollo popular word of mouth that defend bath shower room, clever use of 304 stainless steel material grade and car explosion-proof glass material, produced by seiko, high-end texture and explosion-proof performance, creating texture and security both in a new era of shower room. Metal feels dye-in-the-wood is fashionable appearance, not only satisfy your visual aesthetic enjoyment for bathroom overall appearance level plus ~ careful design activities and move the door, easy to push and pull, dry wet depart, don't have to worry about slipping!

show originality, just to create a 'comfort' 'bathroom experience, Appollo bath, let you shower easy ~
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