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Consumption quality, intelligent toilet cover or intelligent toilet? What would you choose

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-03
Currently on the market for sale of intelligent implement series has both intelligent toilet and intelligent toilet cover. For ordinary consumers, the integration is to choose the intelligent toilet? Or ordinary toilet seat collocation is smart? The function of the two products and what is the difference?

common advantage: washing drying, energy conservation and environmental protection; Comfortable, convenient, plug and play; More health than the average toilet.

a, ordinary toilet seat + smart ( Split type) Advantages of

a: cheap

the price of ordinary toilet is in commonly 1000 - 2000 yuan between, price of a smart toilet cover is probably in 1000 - The total cost is 2000-4000 yuan between, 6000 yuan.

advantages: easy installation

separate toilet cover, installation is very simple, can be installed in accordance with the specification.

three advantages: save decoration cost

it is installed on the common toilets i. e. upgrade to smart toilet, save purchase cost, avoid the waste of the old toilet.

four advantages: low cost of maintenance

smart toilet cover as electrical appliances, internal motor, integrated circuits and other electronic components, if there is a problem, it hard to solve, need to find a professional maintenance personnel. During the intelligent toilet cover can't use, will not delay the normal use of the toilet itself ( Flushing system has nothing to do with the intelligent toilet cover) 。

a disadvantage: does not apply to a few toilet

such as the pursuit of personality in your house to buy is a square of toilet, almost can't match on intelligent toilet cover.

faults. 2: the size of the toilet seat, the length is different, should match different sizes of intelligent toilet cover, when the choose and buy needs to be more careful.

3 disadvantage: the rear of the intelligent toilet cover is compared commonly big, need corresponding to the location of the toilet has enough space.

2, intelligent one-piece toilet ( Even the asana) Advantages of

a: appearance more beautiful

on the market of the design of the intelligent toilet are almost no water tank, show high-grade appearance is very concise, can improve the whole level of the bathroom. Advantages of

2: integrity of stronger

unibody design let all sorts of function design is more reasonable layout, space more to use the toilet itself to layout.

three advantages: blunt water more powerful

part of the intelligent toilet use electric water way, this no doubt than all siphon, rushed down more momentum, and save the space of the tank.

a disadvantage: the price on the high side

smart toilet general price is a little bit higher, but small make up recommend this kind of electricity, water, and direct contact with the skin or should choose the high quality products.

faults 2: increase the cost of domestic outfit

if you home is new to decorate toilet of choose and buy, can consider intelligent closestool, but if your home is to want to from ordinary upgraded to intelligent toilet closestool, I suggest buy or intelligent toilet cover, or a good toilet threw a pity.

third disadvantages: high maintenance cost

just like intelligent toilet cover, intelligent toilet as electrical appliances, internal motor, integrated circuits and other electronic components, I can't solve the problem. If your intelligence is electric toilet flush, and there is no manual flushing standby mode, that if the toilet is broken, or the power went out, may be in trouble.

heald above:

the above two kinds of products can satisfy people's needs, for what is between the intelligent toilet seat or smart, depends on your own measure. Intelligent toilet cover the price is relatively cheap, simple installation, more suitable for mass consumption. But if you are the pursuit of the appearance of the toilet and indivisibility, can choose the smart one toilet.
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