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Create a comfortable atmosphere between the wei yu that how to build? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-23
If at the time of to decorate between wei yu, can design the different visual effects and beautiful decoration, better able to release the pressure, relax the mood, it can full now the fast pace of city people, at the same time can also add some vitality and appeal for daily life, to become people pursue perfect life to enjoy the space between wei yu. So how to build a, whether in the shower room with bath, was in the toilet, wash one's hands are feeling is a kind of incomparable enjoyment, between the wei yu that full of design feeling and comfort? A, humanistic feeling first brick material choice to establish a build in the atmosphere that gives a vacation home, have to work harder on the ground and metope, most often in the form of SLATE, and slightly dark SLATE, there is a unique charming inside collect, let a person very relaxed! Two, make good use of fall of on any account have also open shower area dry wet depart effect, floor drain is relatively important, first of all it drain slope must enough, can use tile fall of on any account, create a similar effect of dry wet depart. Three, tie-in door piece toilet planning function use individual toilet is relative privacy space block, need special independence, let individual function using not interfere with each other, play the best effect. Four, the subject line BanGui face and artistic frame show delicate degree with bath ark of bevel performance modelling, match line board level, combining stone countertops, in the art of exquisite frame increase visual theme, creating works of art like texture space.
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