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Decorate a small white, how to start from scratch to choose high quality shower products? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-23
Shower room to life is obvious to all, the benefits of pursuing a high quality for ongoing bathroom shower room decorate the family is a top priority. Believe we all know, shower room, the choose and buy of toughened glass is the most attention to the quality of the parts, but also influenced by the quality of safety degree. So how to choose and buy high quality glass shower room? Below we look together! Shower room glass should be how to choose and buy? Many people think of toughened glass is thicker, the better, but it is not. Shower room is the most important thing of tempered glass tempered. Glass thick main just have influence on the modelling of shower room. On the market to sell some cheap shower room, are mostly produced by small workshops without production qualification, and then put a normal manufacturer brand. In order to reduce costs, many small manufacturer USES half toughened glass or even hot bending glass. The shower room is made of glass, easily influenced by outside factors. Such as winter or summer with hot water with cold water, hot and cold quickly alternating easily burst, the broken pieces of the scales will have sharp edges, it is easy to hurt. And normal manufacturer production of tempered glass safety performance is high. In addition, handle, shower room fittings such as roller also cannot be ignored. Because if there is a small Angle of toughened glass damage the whole piece of glass will automatically burst, had better choose copper and stainless steel accessories, not easy to rust, use time is more durable. So, when the choose and buy, consumer should pay attention to what issues? 1, can't pursue cheap, want to buy have the outer packing, marked the brand, the site of factory and product certification, refused to no outer packing products, glass must be tempered glass 3 c certification and brand identity; 2, his knuckles on glass, toughened glass sound is ringing, common glass sound more dreary; 3, authentic toughened glass carefully watching there will be a vague pattern; 4, after purchase, demand the door installation, so as to avoid improper installation and increase the possibility of danger coefficient and glass from bursting, etc. ;
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