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Decoration season hot shower favor - by the market

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-23
The development of shower room and shower room products to increase at a rate of 20% ~ 25% on average, 2014 shower room will enter more family, and will get more and more the favour of real estate projects. Experts predict that in recent years, various types of real estate development project, as well as star hotels, hotels in the fine decoration of the bathroom accessory, shower room products will account for more than 80%, become the protagonist in the bathroom. Domestic outfit shower room not only save a space, and high-end grade due to shower room atmosphere is the risk of explosive injury and glass cleaning problems, shower room products to the attention of consumers increasingly focus for a keyword: security! Economical shower room shower room products have entered more and more families and real estate projects, which means more and more people in the use of shower room products, the market of shower room is mainly composed of toughened glass and profile, which toughened glass accounted for the proportion of the whole shower room products was 95%, can say has become a glass shower room, from the perspective of the safety of products, glass shower room is directly related to the personal safety of users. Domestic outfit shower room is comfortable the current mainstream adoption of toughened glass shower room shock ability is common glass 5 times, but in the absence of toughened glass directly under the action of external mechanical forces could still happen automaticity burst, consumers were also concerned about tempered glass from exploding. Explosive is one of the intrinsic properties of toughened glass, although only about 3/1000 the following, but even if choose high quality toughened glass, in theory, also cannot rule out the possibility of explosive, cause certain security hidden danger to the user. Broken glass from blasting according to completely solve the glass shower room since the blasting safety problems caused by the end of 2011, China was the first to launch the 'triad' shower room, it set easy clean huo glass, laminated glass, toughened glass three advantages, and make up for their respective defects, are currently the safest, most easy clean huo, shower room of green environmental protection products. Through its own technology and a new type of laminated glass technology improvement and its shock resistance and compressive strength are more than five times as much as tempered glass, even after the glass is broken, the fragments will be firmly in the EVA film laminated safety glass, the whole piece of broken glass stand in situ, not shedding debris, not shedding more scattered on the ground, won't cause harm to people or objects around, will be tempered glass explosive damage to the human body is reduced to zero, completely solve the glass shower room safe hidden trouble.
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