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Design considerations for shower room, focus on this! -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-23
Brought contemporary space that defend bath shower room 'high pretend bility' comforts, so the owners when decorate also reserved for themselves a certain space to install simple shower room. What, then, what is our shower room need to be aware of? To introduce let below small make up to you! Shower room function to choose a set of high quality shower room can not only let us enjoy shower, also can avoid the dirty water spill caused often do cleaning trival, so on the premise of have heat preservation function, more should pay attention to dry wet distinguish effect. Professional production of shower room series, meticulously in humanized design, water tightness enough to ensure you the bathroom dry wet distinguish by the 'bath' for you! Design the matters needing attention in the design of shower room, shower room first consider the size of toilet, choosing the most suitable for the layout of oneself toilet, combinative oneself be fond of choose whole sale or a box series products. Then, on the bottom of the handling ( With the stone basin, groundmass) Choice, in view of the toilet on the windowsill, toilet, bathtub, wall column, the distance from the basin that wash a face, toilet, open mode to the comprehensive design, a set of comfortable shower room is the crystallization of perfect design. Wall seepage prevention wall is rough without waterproof processing, in front of the ceramic tile should shave a layer of impervious cement ceramic tile, and then the stick after the ceramic tile should be required to decorate worker to ceramic tile seam cracks treatment, which can avoid the toilet water through penetration to the outer wall, brick joints from the hardship of trouble; Set a drain, on the ground with anti-seepage concrete good seam floor tile, completes the drainage system, a lot of trouble in the future. Design with the combination of the size according to the size of toilet, toilet should choose suitable shower room products. Large space, can consider from the Angle of the comfortable, comfortable shower, have a variety of selective, and the small space is to make full use of the area, to choose some don't take a place of push and pull for the design, combined with high-quality goods, to make full use of space, also should consider when choosing the style the collocation of the overall effect, shower and toilet selected shapes ( Such as circular or square) With the shape of the basin that wash a face and toilet as far as possible coordination, reasonable layout to create a relaxed environment. Non-standard production of shower room is sometimes a bit 'different', the owner of the house of toilet to refit, reshipment, according to their own personality to design the shower room that oneself like, so can supply the shower room is targeted. Design of shower room is can choose standard, can also according to the actual circumstance of the size of toilet professional non-standard customized
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