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Detailed analysis of the composition and characteristics of shower room - stainless steel

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-23
As people's living standards improve gradually, all kinds of shower room products have been gradually 'go' into every household, became one of the most popular sanitary ware. Shower room can make wet partition, covers an area of small, with abundant artistic favored by 80, 90 young owner. Is mainly composed of aluminum, toughened glass shower room, pulley accessories, waterproof glue, shake handshandle accessories and hardware sent pieces, etc. We often say that the commonly used stainless steel shower room 304, 301, 202, 201 and so on a variety of different grades of stainless steel materials, but normal manufacturer is using the 304 material, the stainless steel material is more suitable for use in a shower room. The framework of the stainless steel shower room are generally adopt stainless steel plate dig ditches, bending, and the thickness of 0. 7, 0. 8, 1. 0 and 1. 2 wait for a few kinds, concrete is based on the use of different position and the actual situation to decide. Such as wall materials with zero in general. 7 or 0. 8 plate, then the rail material is usually with 1. 2 sheet, the thicker the material is not the better, the right is the most important. For technology reason decides the dimensional accuracy is not high, shower room stainless steel material is very hard, characteristics such as lack of flexibility, plate is too thick to shower room late a lot of the difficulty of installation and maintenance. Stainless steel material appearance bright atmosphere, in line with the trend of modern design; But its service environment is also have a demand, have strong acid alkali is also can produce rusty spot. Because of its high surface finish, to maintain its long and beautiful, the regular maintenance and care is also essential. At the same time because of a shortage of stainless steel bending elasticity, it is suggested that in stainless steel and glass joint use glass glue good enough fixed processing. Shower room as a safe quality shower room advocate, always pays attention to the innovation of the technology and humanized design and superb manufacturing process, make each safety quality shower room every small household security guards, give users a wonderful bath time. Shower room products not only reveal personality taste, but also reflects the current fashion of modern style, follow the trend, in the promotion product safety and comfort at the same time, the optimization and reform unceasingly, by the market, favored by many consumers and high praise.
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