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Diy installation shower house, must first understand the 10 note -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-24
Shower room is now affected by the favour of many young people, the more people like in the home installs a shower room. Beginning ability strong people like their installation shower room, the installation may be not much problem, but always less than professional and technical personnel of the shower room door brand, what we need pay attention to in the beginning of installation? Small make up will tell you about some matters needing attention. Note 1 installation shower room, toilet before decorate should put the embedded size set of shower room. 2, before installing the shower room, must be combined with the height and width of oneself toilet, making a comfortable shower room height size, usually the height of the shower room of 2. 1 m or so, to install, you also need to add 10 cm. 3, shower room installed before considering wiring position, in order to avoid rework. 4 layout decides the style of shower room, toilet, one of the most common is divided into a corner and a word. 5, installation of shower room should be installed in strict accordance with the installation instructions. 6, shower room must with metope construction firm structure, there can be no shaking. 7, water supply and demands of ceramic tile is installed shower room. 8, heating equipment to try to isolate with shower room, avoid affecting higher heating temperature glass, shower room and at the same time in order to avoid heating and damp, causing leakage effect use. 9, it is forbidden to use household cleanser is wiped, household cleanser will corrosion surface, reduce the surface smoothness. 10, the glass placed in far away from the fire place, such as cigarette burning with fire destroys the spraying or glass. Avoid contact with strong organic solvent, such as benzene, paint, paint cleaners, etc. , if accidental exposure to may cause surface soften and dissolve endanger the phenomenon of product quality.
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