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Do not forget national humiliation, self-motivated forward! High-end whole sanitary ware to commemorate '918'

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-30

When air defense warning in Chinese again ring, through time and bring us back to the coming on September 18, 1931, the concept of time, to remind us not forget national humiliation. As a Chinese enterprise, Appollo high-end integrated bathroom does not forget history warns, all employees practice patriotism thought, mark & other; Throughout the 918 &; To their own action for a prosperous country. In the face of domestic high-end sanitary ware market has long been imported brand, Appollo was determined to make no lose foreign brands of high quality sanitary ware. In order to establish the confidence of made in China in Chinese and international status, Appollo always adhere to independent research and development design, adhere to high quality request, to dance in the global brand of Shanghai international exhibition hutch defends 8 years in a row, by the vast number of consumers' attention and recognition. In & other; Throughout the 918 &; Incident broke out, due to the time of the weighing pursues & other; Don't resist policy & throughout; Fall, resulting in less than 24 hours, shenyang, short more than four months, the northeast all fall, more than 3000 fellows in a conquered people. We mark & other; Throughout the 918 &; Is not to forget the painful lessons of history, in the face of foreign aggression will be a glimmer of concessions. In contrast, modern global economic integration, as companies are also more dare to face the global competition, refused to foreign blind worship, but more should keep the spirit of innovation to develop. Facing brand of sanitary ware market, Appollo high-end integrated bathroom always maintain the entrepreneurial spirit, persistent quality and brand, won a number of invention patents, more than 20 new practical patents, with innovation to win the brand reputation, Appollo expectations. Standing at a new starting point back to see & other; Throughout the 918 &; Incident, we're not going to hatred, their grievances are reported. On the contrary, we should understand the value of peace, absorbing exert power from the history of suffering. Chinese people are now moving ahead to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream, which is to realize national rich and strong, rejuvenation, people the great dream of happiness. As an enterprise, Appollo high-end whole sanitary ware will, as always adhering to the enterprise should have social sense of responsibility, through high quality, energy efficient and environmentally friendly product that defend bath to promote, for the improvement of people's life quality and social civilization progress out of a force, to win a greater say in the world made in China. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo's official website
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