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Do you know any box frameless shower room and what's the difference? -

by:Appollo     2021-05-08
A lot of people in the shower room of choose and buy when, can have a doubt, that's wu kuang wei yu should be installed in the home or have box? And besides frame shape is different, both difference? So many people struggle with this issue, therefore, specially for the vast number of consumers to introduce this aspect of knowledge, the hope can help to you. Shower room business: the differences of shower room of shower room now industry desultorily, good and evil people mixed up the market, although many shower room manufacturers has been gradually entering a new era of science and technology, a series of luxury, the integration of kinds of intelligent bathroom products appear constantly, and shower room to find specification, only divided into standard and non standard, namely custom type two kinds of existence. Standard fixed corner bath shower room between wei yu area, unless the specifications just right for the size of the space between wei yu, and the shower room size to suit with the square pattern between the wei yu. Non-standard shower room also can be customized according to size between wei yu is a suitable shower room, this way more flexibility. Have box shower box, shower room is the biggest difference between the external frame is different, its frame USES aluminium alloy or plastic material, so must be mindful of the merits of the ball bearing, door kai is lightsome convenient, still need to take a closer look at the waterproof glue sealing, excellent situation of the bridging between metal and glass, etc. It is important to note that shower room, shower room installation must choose and design combining the whole style of between wei yu, if space smaller, you can also choose to slide type and between the door hinge type type shower room.
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