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Domestic shower room size is generally much, pay attention to the three points into action (shower room of choose and buy!

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-25

Domestic shower room size is generally much, this should combine toilet to every family, in addition to the shower room size, when domestic shower room of choose and buy, also want to consider the style of shower room, BianKuan design, open mode from three aspects. This article, we will detail for you to choose the shower room that three considerations. Domestic considerations of choose and buy a shower room: modelling domestic shower room size is generally much, also want to be decided according to the modelling of shower room, shower room can be divided into one word, square model, diamond model, arc. Simple one word shower room: just one word of a wall or in a corner, no chassis, add a manger, affordable, high economic applicability. Square shower room: being a large-area area larger space can choose square model, relative to other design also more convenient to clean, but on condition that defend bath area of founder, space is large enough. Diamond shower room: save space if toilet area is more crowded, advised to choose a diamond shower room, can make full use of the corner of channels set aside external area, covers an area of high utilization rate, effective managing space. Curved shower room: the most common curved shower room is the most common household, it is not suitable for non-standard products, need to match on appropriate chassis, the soft lines and unique model so more high-end fashion. Domestic shower room matters needing attention of choose and buy 2: border shower room with and without border border divides into two kinds, a frame is refers to the shower room glass fixed on the aluminum alloy, stainless steel or copper frame, frame has no fixed frame structure. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the two? Have borders shower room: long service life with box shower room on aluminum frame supporting the overall framework, like bone, fixed glass more stable, and therefore does not need frequent replacement, relatively long service life; But the style is relatively a bit old-fashioned, easy dirty, clear of trouble, easy to leak when untight seal. Without borders shower room: contracted fashion without borders in the shower room is more popular on the market, it use hardware instead of aluminum frame connected glass, appears more contracted and fashionable appearance. But no border, high requirements for hardware installation shower room, pack is bad can lead to easy to uneven, thus easy to occur explosive. Domestic shower room note 3: the choose and buy domestic shower room to open the door to open the door design methods can be divided into two ways to open the door and sliding door, with flat inside and outside the door is open the door, sliding door USES the slippery course sliding door, the two and how should choose? Flat open shower room: suitable for large area of the glass door of the bathroom with flat door opening area is large, open close the door light, convenient, good for users in and out of the shower room, but close the door when they take up the space that defend bath, if the shower door also placed next to the other product that defend bath, it would be easier to collision with glass door, affect the stability of shower room, so flat open type suitable for larger area sanitary ware ( Suggested that more than 4 square meters) 。 Move the door type shower room: high on slippery course door type shower room does not occupy a space, suit small family toilet, but often sliding door, the slippery course of quality must be high, otherwise the push and pull not smooth easy explosive, and the slide groove easy to water, dust, must be clean regularly. In general, the size of the domestic shower room is generally much, need according to toilet area size, structure, and living habits. Domestic shower room when the choose and buy, had better ask professional personnel to design. Appollo independent research and development, design, production of shower room that defend bath, design is rich, meet the needs of every family. At the same time, also can according to each toilet personalization, make different family structure can make full use of space. Contact us, we will provide you with professional design. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo's official website
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