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Don't know not bottom pot good shower room contain? Or this article - can solve your problem

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-22
Shower room sanitary ware products become the most popular, is already a fact of life. The emergence of shower room, indeed for people to bring more enjoyment, and not the same as bath experience, as well as make good buried a foreshadowing bathroom environment, there is no doubt that shower room brought very many benefits for people. Shower room is actually there are so many places still need everyone to grope for, such as small make up next to say: what should take shower room bottom pot is good? One, regardless of whether or not to bring the bottom basin, shower room must ensure quality of products as well as the bottom basin. There are many cheap at the bottom of the pot quality really not as good as water retaining bar, often appear slack. Only good quality shower room bottom pot can effectively guarantee to the aesthetic value and its use of shower room. Second, the shower room of basin on the market a lot of most of them are using acrylic material, after installed can well reflect the integrity of shower room, at the same time can not only ensure the safety in the process of using and shower room is beautiful, if there is a old man or children at home, in the end still recommend installing a basin. Helping to give everybody said the installation time considerations, in choosing a bottom basin, it is best to choose strong bearing force of the bottom of the resin basin, even if use after a long time, can guarantee to stable the use of security. And according to the actual situation of the floor waterproof how best to choose whether to install the bottom basin, if bad is waterproof, suggestion is to install a bottom basin, it can directly into the water pipes, at the same time can guarantee the shower happens there will not be poor drainage. Third, if you don't want to use the bottom basin, it can also be used in water, on the one hand, is more easy to clean, on the other hand, even if the replacement will not trouble, after all, the bottom basin will have the possibility of damage, at the same time bottomless bowl of shower room is more noble generous. Suggestions can use marble weather bar, it appears concise air, easy to clean and the price is relatively cheap. Four, if the bathroom floor drain with the acrylic base drains and a certain distance, you can use pipe connection, but need to be too high the height of the shower room, in view of this, or suggest to buy without the base, using the manger of the shower room.
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