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Double wei store performance? Only the new bathroom cabinet!

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-19
Short in two hundred and thirty, the bathroom ark has experienced from scratch, enrich people's life at the same time, improve the people's standard of living. The style of bathroom ark design also from a single become prosperous. Today, the bathroom ark has become indispensable to the space that defend bath element.

the bathroom ark style has changed, in the ascent, now young people in the pursuit of quality of life, especially for bathroom ark product modelling design, functionality and so on have higher requirements. In 2018, grasp the popular trend, the wei yu that Appollo launched this year include new Chinese style, modern wind of a series of new products.

a sanitary bathroom ark, Appollo goddess of new Chinese style, classic series

the design concept of new Chinese style bathroom cabinet, rely on modern furniture comfortable and casual, but also retain the characteristics of Chinese style furniture shape, spirit, in the traditional culture connotation of design elements, remove excess carving, combined with the comfort and functional characteristics of modern furniture, with a strong Chinese flavor, grave and elegant and both warm atmosphere.

Appollo defending bath of new Chinese style bathroom cabinet, with concise lines express the profound artistic conception, use plain texture delivers the quaint artistically, present a light plain of classic emotional appeal, full interpretation of the connotation of Chinese traditional aesthetics, also sniped at the present the aesthetic orientation of the young people.

type of cupboard door, fence pine-covered grounds such as full-bodied Chinese classical elements of the application, inheriting the essence of traditional style, combined with modern design elements, get rid of the cumbersome and tedious in traditional Chinese style, detail design, is a bright.

2, Appollo goddess of sanitary ware, bathroom cabinet modern urban series

new Chinese style embodies the people to a higher level of living standards, and nowadays young people decorate hot spot is contracted and not simple, to numerous is Jane, feel the taste of different in the contracted style.

Appollo modernism bathroom ark that defend bath, the bathroom ark is take the route of modern luxury atmosphere, which in addition to the complex manufacturing process, simplify the life of people, pay attention to the combination of use and aesthetic, more in line with the popular elements of modern family, also very accord with young people 'unruly indulgence love freedom' attitude towards life.

using the consummate craft light luxury and new aesthetics into one, with personality, avant-garde, aesthetic spirit out of the bathroom ark, curvy, tonal and refined atmosphere, sending out the romantic temperament of beautiful and elegant as a whole. Skillfully use store content design, reasonable frame, are in line with a responsible attitude to consumers, highlights the spirit of craftsmen.

3, Appollo goddess of sanitary ware, bathroom cabinet modern fresh series

Appollo sanitary ware series of modern bathroom ark design more pure and fresh and contracted, wen wan atmosphere both visual sense to the person, pay more attention to bedroom space layout and the combination of the use function, and more emphasis on administrative levels feeling of the space, create a fashion trend of the design space.

Appollo sanitary bathroom ark in the pursuit of material, technology and space performance depth at the same time, also highlighted the functionality. Strewn at random have the shelf design, meet with good habits, also meet the convenience of everyday life. Combining receive of open and closed space, receive more powerful.

combining traditional elegance and modern novel, with high quality and design feeling, comfortable, contracted for the characteristics of each detail in think people revealed that the return to life authenticity of natural and pure, also combined with grasps the hue of popular, fully meet the current needs young people's aesthetic and taste.

Appollo sanitary ware, set product design, development, production, marketing, service as one of the professional sanitary ware brand wisdom, production category including bathroom cabinet, shower room, ceramic toilet, intelligent toilet, bathroom hardware such as whole series of products, is committed to building intelligent, comfortable, environmental protection, healthy, high quality sanitary ware.
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