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Dry crouchs implement how to choose?

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-28
We talk about how to choose an article on the implement of the water tank, so, let's continue to discuss with flushing tank squatting pan and how to choose? Left left left

1, touch

feel is very important, a good quality of the surface of the squatting pan looks very delicate, smooth hands touch the surface is very smooth. Material more bad of the squatting pan, glaze looks darker, if in the light, see will find glaze have pores, touch, can also feel the glaze and the body is rough.

2, weigh in hand

good quality of the squatting pan need to be in the high temperature burn becomes, generates a careful glass phase structure, good did clean all porcelain. Can use the hand when buy try, if there is a heavy feeling. If the lower part of the squatting pan texture are comparatively light, and because they are of medium and low temperature.

3, bibulous rate

the stand or fall of finished product related to water absorption is also, good quality crouchs implement general bibulous rate is lower than 0. 2%, glazed smooth and easy to clean, not easy adsorption odor, also won't produce cracks and local slack phenomenon.

4, try

flush for squatting pan, is a very main function, and can see whether crouchs implement pipeline design scientific and reasonable, whether the flush fluid. Appollo agent manufacturer defending bath of squat toilets siphon flush design, annular jet exit, momentum is strong, strong blowdown force; And its scientific humanized feed line for design to prevent water fittings water not poor installation.

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