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Dry squat toilet water tank how should choose?

by:Appollo bath     2020-10-23
The rapid development of economy, make people's life is getting better and better, squat toilet water tank has become a modern life equipment a choice between wei yu, use more frequently. But whether home or shopping malls and other public places, can choose a good squat toilets from the water tank is very important also, the following Appollo bath agent factory will teach you how to choose the suitable water tank.

1, the material of the

at present the mainstream market squat toilet water tank is plastic, high quality plastic water tank is using a new PP plastic as raw material, this material is very durable and safe environmental protection, the pressure resistance is strong, and the colour will not change. Appollo sanitary ware is the agent manufacturer defending bath of this material, make full use of its extremely high plasticity, design a thin appearance, line fashion powerful flush water tank, with strength have levels in appearance, is the high standards of sanitary ware products!

2, water

the technical characteristics of the squat toilet water tank and flushing performance critical look at the core of water, water is used to implement the basic function of water and water storage, if a design is not reasonable to be of poor quality water, besides can't rinse will waste water. Appollo bath tank at the core of the water, is the use of domestic water production brand - — Dia, it adopt ABS material production, fine workmanship, corrosion resistance. And with mute design, will flush to a small noise, don't disturbed sleep at night.

3, installation

there are two main forms of squatting on the market then flushing tank: wall-mounted tank and hidden flushing cistern. Little space toilet choose small size and ultra-thin water tank, or is hidden in the water tank, and large space of the bathroom without limitations. Appollo squatting pan sanitary ware chong adopt wall-mounted water tank design, behind have a special suspension mounting holes, installation is very convenient, only need to measure between the two hole diameter, and then fixed screw on the wall, can be easily installed.
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