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Easily installed - shower room nine steps

by:Appollo     2021-07-31
In the toilet decorate household, more and more owners choose installation shower in the bathroom, shower room area is not large, the small family is also very suitable for household use. Shower room can make toilet achieve very good effect of dry wet depart, when used in the winter, heat preservation performance is very good also. But want to enjoy these advantages of shower room, when installed, it must cost more some of idea. What is the installation steps of shower room? Together and see it! A, acceptance, ready to shower room is usually conducted by professional installation personnel the door installation. Each part of the material to be present after shower room, the owner first need to see if the packing of the product is complete, fittings is complete, there is no problem, can let the installation personnel for installation. Before installation, the appropriate tools to be ready in advance, and in easily accessible location. Installed bathroom shower room 2, bottom basin bottom pan installed, to ensure that the inside and bottom of the bottom basin of water, and to pay attention to adjust the levelness of the well bottom pot. Connect the bottom basin of pelvic floor and floor drain well, ensure firm. Three, drainage test after installation of bottom pot, don't try so hard to install other parts, drainage inspection, to ensure the smooth drainage, can be installed in the next. Without this step of acceptance, wait until late installed drainage problem is discovered, then virtually will increase a lot of work. Four, find a, stiletto installation shower room, the first need is to look for a, punching work. Punch, should pay attention to avoid the toilet embedded hydropower pipeline, determine the location of the well drilling, using percussion drill will play good corresponding hole. Five, the installation of aluminum playing good hole location, type colloidal particles, after aluminum bar set, use screws to fix their lives. Vertical installation, to ensure that the aluminum bar, can install, adjust its direction. Before install six, fixed installation of glass shower room, need to glass clamp is fixed in the bottom pot hole. Insert at the bottom of the glass in glass clamp groove, and then slowly push the glass to rely on a wall aluminum bar location, and use the screw, the glass in place. Seven, installation of pipe jacking in the corresponding location of drilling, glass installed a fixed seat, and a good pipe jacking, using bend, the pipe jacking is fixed on the top of the glass. Bathroom shower room 8, move the door installation to install the door of shower room, first of all need to move the door at the top of the two wheels installed, installed, will move the door into the corresponding location, mobile testing, there is no problem, then at the bottom of the two wheels is installed, and the test results to be adjusted. Nine, waterproof article in the side of the glass and installed at the bottom of the suction or water retaining strip, with glass glue joints between each material and wall fill closely, to prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon of water seepage when used in the future.
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