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Elegant and toilet, hands free from now on

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-07
In his book of toilet god: the civilization of the toilet, the United States education Dr. Julie Holland that civilization comes not from the invention of writing, with the advent of the first cesspit, people no longer wander around to avoid their own waste, so as to eventually settle down to form the ancient civilization.
















it is more important is environmental protection!

is used paper towel dry garbage or wet garbage?

this problem don't have to consider,

because I go to the toilet paper!

since then hands free!

2, the body feels comfortable

strong drying after flushing,

warm wind blow,

let you experience what is really like a spring breeze.

the intelligent toilet Appollo body feeling

fan module adopts innovative power,

air volume is bigger, the wind speed faster, baking scope is bigger,

3, caring smart

carry bacteria seat four seasons temperature,

does not fear the buttocks catch cold catch cold in winter,

summer afraid of bacterial growth,

and night light on a light night.

want to have such a comfortable and smart toilet?

go to Appollo each big stores procurement!
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